External Use

Lao Wei External Use Aids for Itches, Cleaning Skin, Kill Germs, Pain Relief etc.

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Fu Yin Tai Herbal Powder

This hygiene herbal blend is used to clean the vaginal and or anus area. Helps relieve itching, inflammation, discharge and minor discomfort. For Men and Women.
€20.89 €16.15

Hand And Feet Care

This herbal blend is used to help relieve all types of skin irritation. This will be appropriate for skin that are dry and cracked and itchiness that comes with blistering.
€20.89 €16.15


对于轻微的疼痛和由于肌肉和关节疼痛的暂时缓解:简单背痛, 关节炎, 拉伤, 瘀伤, 扭伤.
€10.92 €6.65


功能主治: 活血散瘀,消肿止痛。用于跌打损伤,风湿关节痛,腰背酸痛。
€10.44 €6.41