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Gui Fu Di Huang Wan

Gui Fu Di Huang Wan helps maintain a healthy kidney. Gui Fu Di Huang Wan is appropriate for when you have cold hands or feet and is lacking energy on a daily basis. Men will see better results for this particular formula.
€11.39 €7.60

Jian Bu Hu Qian Wan

Jian Bu Hu Qian Wan is appropriate for body aches, weak in the hips and abnormally tired.
€8.54 €5.32

Kidney Combo

Kidney Combo is to promote the kidney function. Appropriate for cold hands and feet and abnormal tiredness.
€10.92 €6.84

Yanourish Remedy

Yanourish Remedy promotes the body's natural balance and overall well-being.
€9.49 €6.08

Yinourish Remedy

Yinourish Remedy helps promote liver and kidney functions along with strengthening tendon and bones.
€9.49 €6.08